Strategic Location
Osceola County's Location & Labor Force is a Win/Win Combination
300 7th Street
Sibley, Iowa 51249

(712) 754-2523
Osceola County

NAFTA shippers will profit from Osceola County's Upper Midwest location with lower transportation costs for both supply and distribution. U.S. Highways 9 and 59, in addition to the multi-lane IA Highway 60 and nearby U.S. 18, serve the immediate area. Short distances to I90 and I29 provide an easy means to reach Sioux Falls and its regional airport, Minneapolis, Sioux City and Omaha. The rail system of the Union Pacific provides another viable resource for transporting goods from Osceola County, Iowa to Minnesota, Nebraska and beyond.

The labor force in Osceola County is dedicated and loyal, always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. This trait has meant success for businesses and industries located throughout the county, with over 53% of the county's employment being manufacturing, education, health services and agriculture.

Osceola County recognizes the need for diversity in its businesses and industries. As a leader in implementing advancements in agriculture, Osceola County is a progressive exporter of energy via the latest in electrical wind generation and the production of Ethanol.

With the help of the Osceola County Economic Development Commission (OCEDC), federal, state, regional and local financial assistance and incentives are available for expansions, start-ups and re-locations.

Our businesses and industries have made their homes here in Osceola County, utilizing the talented, hard-working people who live and work here. We encourage to do the same. Come experience what Osceola County has to offer.