Osceola County, Location in Iowa
Osceola County's Upper Midwest location lowers transportation costs for both supply and distribution east and west. NAFTA shippers will profit from the excellent access to north-south rail and highway systems.

U.S. Highway 60, State Highway 9 and 59 serve the immediate area. Interstates 29, 80, 90 and 35 are nearby. U.S. Highway 60, currently being improved to a four lane divided highway across Iowa, connects to Omaha and Minnapolis/StPaul.

One of the most-traveled highways in northwest Iowa, IA 60 is scheduled to be upgraded to four-lane expressway status. (Minnesota's long-term plan is to follow suit with its remaining two-lane stretches of MN 60, as this would create an expressway along US 75, IA/MN 60, and US 169 from Sioux City to Mankato, MN, to Minneapolis.) These segments are scheduled to open in the spring of 2006:

A 10-mile expressway segment between Le Mars and Alton
A 13-mile segment between Alton and Sheldon
A 9-mile segment between the O'Brien/Osceola county line to Ashton, including a bypass of that town)

The 10-mile bypass of Sheldon has been pushed back to the fall of 2006, and an 11-mile segment between Ashton and the Minnesota state line, including a bypass of Sibley, has been pushed back to the fall of 2007.

Proximity to Markets
City Miles Days By 
Days by 
Motor Freight
Easy traveling



500 3 1



600 3 2


Des Moines:

230 2 1


Kansas City:

375 3 1


Los Angeles:

1700 8 5



420 3 1



200 2 1


New York:

1325 8 4



180 2 1


St. Louis:

575 4 1